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Aims & Objectives



Simple aims - with high standards 

The Breeders Voice came into being with the specific aim: 

  • to provide a platform for the interchange of ideas and opinions, between like-minded members, specifically in relation to the Standardbred Breeding industry
  • to actively promote all aspects of Harness Racing, but particularly as and where they intersect with the breeding of standardbreds
  • to involve, encourage, and educate breeders - regardless of their geographic location - in all facets of the breeding of standardbred horses


And this website, and the associated Members' Mobile App, are the cornerstones of this engagement as we endeavour to:

  • bring spark and enjoyment to our shared passion - whilst always respecting those with contrary views
  • keep our membership base up-to-date with the latest news, and developments, all conveniently collected in one place
  • give you - our members - a real voice, so that standardbred breeders (as a collective group) will be heard, and above all respected


We are simply THE BREEDERS VOICE - and you are invited to join us!