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About Us (The Genesis)


And so it began … The Breeders Voice - Harnessing The Future.

A big welcome to all our fellow Standardbred Breeders out there, and thanks for taking the time to drop by and take a look at our website.

The Breeders Voice was the brainchild of a group of enthusiastic breeders who were seeking a “go-to place” for all types of information pertinent to the breeding, and racing, of Standardbred harness horses, particularly in Australia and New Zealand.  A membership site where folk can both find  and share  information and knowledge. 

Our foundation members are spread across various regions in NSW, Australia, and have a diverse range of experience within the harness industry.  All are enthusiastic and desperately keen to see the breeding sector thrive.  A critical factor in this, in our opinion, is a platform such as this through which we can offer fellow breeders information and support, thereby ensuring that their breeding endeavours are as successful as they can be - especially during difficult and stressful times.   

Have a look around, and we think you will see that The Breeders Voice is a forum like nothing else presently available within harness racing circles.  Through both this website, and a special mobile app, members have access to real-time information and news snippets.  It is our aim to provide up-to-the-minute statistics, and breeding information, whilst also publishing real, human-interest stories about grass-root members of our industry.  Informative and interesting news articles  competitions  member polls and guided trips to places of interest, including yearling tours and stud visits, are all part of our brief, and future plans. 

Our aim is to hear YOUR voice.  We want to learn about YOU!  Hear your stories, answer your questions, whilst also providing you with the tools and information necessary for YOU to be a successful breeder of standardbred horses - wherever you may be located.   We want your breeding venture to be both enjoyable, and successful.

So, join the club today – become a Voice. 

Our foundation members have amassed over 150 years of breeding experience amongst them  but this pales against the total experience of our potential membership base.  We are a group that offers a wealth of experience and knowledge - which we want to share.

Hopefully, you will enjoy what The Breeders Voice has to offer, as we aim to put some enthusiasm and excitement back into breeding standardbreds. 

Come join us today.  To be heard, you need a Voice!






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